Tia MalhotraEdit

Ayesha is Tia's eldest sister. They have a good sisterly bond. Tia helps Ayesha with her web cast and blog Kitty Crouch.  They like to have fun together.Tia and Ayesha can be found playing dress ups, having tea parties and giving fashion advice to their nanny, Jassie.

Subbu MalhotraEdit

Ayesha's second younger brother.They fight occasionally,but get along most of the time.

Rocky MalhotraEdit

Rocky is Ayesha's younger adopted brother. They have the classical brother-sister relationship, they tend to fight and argue a lot, but love each other very much.


Ayesha and Jassie seem to have the closest relationship in the family, most likely because they are close in age. Although Ayesha gets mad at her often for not understanding her, she loves Jassie very much, as though she is her sister.