Bunty Kaushal is the school bully in the episode Subbu's new School. He likes to bully others (including Subbu) at school. He often bullies little kids, in an attempt to get them to give him food. He is shown to be obsessed with eating healthy. Many people are afraid of him - even the school lunch lady is afraid of him, and if she had not been scared to testify on behalf of Bunty he would have been suspended. He constantly picks on Rocky, until Subbu offered him a sandwich with Indian dragon fire peppers inside them which resulted in Bunty freaking out from how hot the peppers were, running out of the school hall in panic and probably never bullied a kid after what happened, however this fact is currently unknown. He is shown to have a big I-think-I'm-tough-when-I'm not personality, though it was seen that he had a pathetic and weepy side at the end of the episode when he reacted to eating Subbu's chilli peppers.



  • He often bullied Rocky, Subbu and many others.
  • Many people used to be scared of him including the lunch lady of the school, who in fact is a grown woman.

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