Doggy Nanny is a friendly woman who is a dog trainer/nanny. She first appears in Clean up the Discipline, when she gives Jessie advice.


Doggy Nanny is a friendly woman. She comes off as nice and easy to talk to. She is also pretty helpful.

She was portrayed by Seema Motwani.


In Clean up the Discipline,Doggy Nanny meets Jassie when she hears Jassie venting her feelings about Rocky not listening to her. Doggy Nanny turns out to also be a nanny and gives Jassie some advice, telling her that she needs to buckle down on Rocky and give him a reward when he does right. She tells Jassie some pretty helpful things and Jassie takes her advice. Later, when Jassie meets her in the park again, she tells her how it worked out really well and thanks her. But Jassie soon finds out she is a dog nanny when she brings her dog out to play with Rocky, who she thought was also a dog.