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Garima Pandey is Tony's friend and his crush from high school, not very much is known about her.She is shown in Dreams comes True as in her Facebook ID.Ayesha helps Tony to let him know about Garima when Tony know this all he show-off to his ID by editing his pictures on Photoshop.Garima accepts his friend request,when Tony check outs Garima's profile he got to know that she has lots of children and she loves children very much.It is also written that she wants more children.She upload a picture of her family which Tony sees and depressed and forgorten Garima and also reject her from his profile.She only appeared in Dreams comes True,in her ID she is wearing a green suit has long black hair and she is beautiful also.


She is only shown in her ID wearing Green suit,has long black hair and she is beautiful



  • Tony had a crush on her until he found out about her children.
  • She accepted Tony's friend request, but Tony removed her.
  • It is written in her profile that She wants more childrens until she has so many childrens.
  • Tony edits his pictures on photoshop to show-off Garima.