Goldy the Mermaid was Tia's imaginary friend. Rocky makes her uncomfortable, as stated by Tia in Mumbai , New Nanny. She was killed by a swordfish.


  • She doesn't really like Jassie.
  • She likes to have tea parties.
  • Rocky once said that she looked like a manatee.
  • According to Tia she was overweight.
  • Despite her name being spelled with ie, her name is instead spelled with an y.
  • She was good friends with Tia and Chubby the Bear.
  • In Sri Premchand's Secret Life , we learn that she secretly married a centuar and has 3 baby fish, Chedder, Extreme Chedder, and Cool Ranch, who she trusts in the care of Tony the butler.
  • Goldy passed away by being stabbed by a swordfish, because she owed money to Lenny the Loan Shark.
  • She has a coconut bra that makes her have weird tanlines.

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