Lucky Luckendra Singh  is the doorman of the Malhotra flat. He is a major recurring character. He was dating Jassie.

He is portrayed by Devansh Doshi.

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Character Infomation
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 20
Hair color: Black
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Mumbai
Family & friends
Friends: The Malhotra Family
Enemies: Mrs. Raheja
Nick name: Lucky
Talent & personality
Love Interest: Jassie
Dream: To be a Whistler
Career: Doorman of the Malhotra Flat
Background infomation
First appearence: Mumbai , New Nanny
Last Appearence: None
Portrayed by: Devaish Doshi


Lucky is the Malhotra building's handsome doorman. He has a Mumbai accent and slick, black hair. Lucky is a slight airhead, but still really funny. He is very proud of his epaulettes and mentions them a lot. He's also a very loyal and understanding person, as well as an all around nice guy. He is really close to Malhotra family.

Character historyEdit

Before becoming a doorman, he met fake con-artist and gave him $12,000 to make him a famous karioke player. Sometime in the course of the year he found out the truth and became a doorman, which is ironic because the artist said he could "open doors". It is possible that his family was wealthy- as he paid $12,000 and his family have their own restaurant, but they may have lost much of their money due to the artist.