Malini is one of Jassie friends back from Karnal.Malini is Colonel daughter and Jassie's stepsister.She has been mentioned by Jassie in several episodes before that. She is shown to be rude and cruel and Jassie doesn't like her at all. She also works as a flight attendant.Template:Inffocharacters


Malini is one of Jassie's friends back from Karnal. Jassie describes her as a blabber mouth in the episode, Star in the house, because when Jassie texted her and told her she was going on a date with the famous movie star, she told everybody. She is said to be very vain and a very big bragger. She is also a bad friend. It is unknown why Jassie is friends with her.


  • She's a nosy show-off 
  • She may have gone to Millitary School