Minnie "Manisha" Roy  is Ayesha's ex-best friend because she gave Ayesha's fashion show ticket away so she could take an Olsen twin instead of her. She betrayed Ayesha for them. She is also freshmen at Ayesha's high school. Her only apearance was in Zombies and Tea Parties.

Character Infomation
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Mumbai
Family & friends
Friends: Ayesha Malhotra
Talent & personality
Background infomation
First appearence: Zombies and Tea Parties

She was portrayed by Simran Natekar.


Minnie is a rich girl who is very selffish and cares more about fashion than the power of friendship. She favors her material possesions over the well-being of others, even her friends.Minnie hates Tia. As she used her for a Hanger in the episode. Tia told her she wasn't a hanger, Minnie simply said, "Yes,but now you are." Minnie is not very loyal to Ayesha.

Character HistoryEdit

She first appeared in the episode, Zombies and Tea Parties. She have a butler because Tony said that from the other butlers said she was terrible. Tia doesn't seem to like her, especially when she throws her jacket on her and makes a remark about her age, and Tia throws it off the terrace. She cares about fashion more than friendship as shown when Ayesha falls down the stairs from wearing high heels and Minnie's only care of her heals. She tells Ayesha that she's not invited, but she still likes her though. But she was also disliked by Ayesha. She strongly dislikes Tia.

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