Pagli Pooja had a date is the Tenth episode of Oye Jassie.


Jassie believes Pooja, a math tutor she finds for Rocky, will be the perfect scholarly influence to help 's terrible understanding of math. To Jessie’s dismay, Connie turns out to be a lovelorn teen fascinated with Rocky to the point of "Math", and texting him more than 42 times a day to Rocky. But Pooja's interests in Rocky grow to the point where she warns Jassie to back off of Rocky or face horrific consequences. Meanwhile, Subbu is convinced that his new Mystical iBall app can predict the future, after predictions about Tony and Tia came true.


  • Tara Sutaria as Jassie
  • Diya Chalwad as Tia Malhotra
  • Mohit Bagri as Rocky Malhotra
  • Ved Tarde as Subbu Malhotra
  • Kenny Desai as Tony   
  • Neha Ahuja as Pagli Pooja