Pluto is a Chihuahua dog that belongs to Mrs. Raheja who lives under the flat of The Malhotra Family. And appears to be very smart because he helped Jassie and Tia find Riesha's tiara.  It appears that Pluto does not like Mrs. Raheja like every one else doesn't.Template:Inffocharacters


Pluto is extremely devoted to his owner mainly because she practically forces him to, for example he watches television shows such as "The Housewifes of Mumbai" with her. Initially, Pluto was hostile towards Subbu's pet monitor lizard, Sri Premchand. However, when a hawk tried to carry Pluto away to eat him, Sri Premchand saved his life by swatting the bird away with his tail.

Though he is loyal to Raheja, he switched her hair gel with super stick glue. This caused many problems including, Mrs. Raheja's hands getting stuck to her head, Jassie's arm getting stuck to Mrs Raheja's, and Jassie not trusting the kids. When it was revealed that Tia was the real culprit.


  • He was named after the planet Pluto which is removed from Solar System.
  • He may be getting sick of his owner as he switched her hair gel with glue, seen in Sticky Circumstances.
  • He has a house in the trailor park.
  • Sri Premchand almost ate Pluto on his terrace.