Pooja or Pagli Pooja (formely) is a 12 year girl who had crush on Rocky. In Pagli Pooja had a date, her debut episode, she is his math tutor to fool Jassie so she has no clue how Pagli Pooja can be. Pooja mistakens Jassie and as a couple.Jassie finds that she is really dangerous, and when Pooja breaks into the Malhotra house dressed as a Witch from Harry Potter, everyone realizes that she's a sycho, except for Rocky who knew it all along.In the end she reveals the reason she obsesses over Luke is because she doesn't think any guy will be into her. Then Subbu says he'd be happy to have any girl as a girlfriend, and they hit it off. She was portrayed by Neha Ahuja


  • Pooja is a fan of Harry Potter.
  • Pooja has a knife collection.
  • She has broken and entered the Malhotra house at night to steal Rocky's bunny.
  • She believes that if you really love someone, you can look past any flaws.
  • Connie likes to take pictures of Rocky and video-tape him in class.
  • She had and obsessive crush on Rocky, but he didn't return any of her feelings towards him.
  • Subbu has a crush on her.
  • She doesn't like Jassie.
  • She is the equivalent of Creepy Connie from Jessie