• Shobha is prettier than her twin sister, Sundari, but has a much meaner personality.
  • Shobha only acts innocent in one of her acts as she unplugs Jassie's alarm clock.
  • She can make rash removing cream that can also clean your colon.
  • She gave Tia ice cream for breakfast.
  • It is shown that she can put up a fight.
  • She almost goes out to attempt to sleep on a park bench, because she has nowhere to live.
  • Shewas the opposite of her sister.
  • Shobha and Sundari have a sibling rivalry.
  • She acted innocent when Sundari blamed her of stealing Jassie's job to take over the Malhotra family and make life miserable, but she denies it.
  • Both of them name was started from S.

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