• When Jassie was in fruition, Sri Premchand was originally a capybara.
  • He is named after Indian Story writer Dhan patray Srivastava pen name Premchand, story writer of reality books like Shanti,Mantra and some more books especially these stories were in the course of childrens school books.
  • According to Jassie, he is a Pisces.
  • He scratches Jassie's leg calves.
  • He likes the Twilight series.
  • He has rescued Mrs. Raheja's dog,Pluto.
  • It is 7 ft. long, stated by Mrs. Raheja.
  • He once developed a crush on a plastic lizard at the park.
  • He likes to cling to Tony's leg.
  • He is revealed to have 12 baby lizards

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