• Out of all the Malhotra kids, he dislikes Rocky the most and likes Tia the most.
  • He wanted to go to Kerala for his Christmas vacation.
  • Most of his high school classmates got bald and/or went to jail.
  • He went to one of Tia's tea parties after she got rejected by Ayesha.
  • He can sing like an opera.
  • He was in the wrestling club in high school.
  • He once went out with Mrs.Raheja so that Jassie wouldn't lose her job and Tia wouldn't get in trouble.
  • He is very lazy and takes 6-hour naps.
  • He is saving up money to buy a car so that he could get hit by it.
  • He weighs 279 kg.
  • Sri Premchand sometimes gets attached to his legs.
  • He has been beaten-up by everyone of the Malhotra kids.
  • He has a blog.
  • He wants a rich girlfriend namedKatrina Kaif but may have not meant it.
  • He searches everyone's room for loose change.
  • He thinks Jassie should get her teeth whitened.
  • He may dislike or even hate his mother, as whenever he mentions her its something negative.
  • He sometimes does his job when Rahul and Riesha are around.
  • It is possible that Tony already knew Mrs. Sri Premchand was a female.
  • He goes to a therapist.
  • He likes Tia. He even cried when she was growing up by saying good-bye to her imaginary friend Goldy the Mermaid.
  • He is shown to care about Jassie, and showed her that her date was cheating on her.
  • He was married.
  • He weighed 12 kg when he was born.
  • When he was 12 he paid for a DNA test to see if him and his mother have the same DNA.
  • It is revealed he is 50 because he mentions he was 40 ten years ago.
  • The kids make fat jokes about him.

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